ROSSI'S CONTRASTING FORTUNES! | MotoGP 2021 Career Mode Part 5 (MotoGP 2021 Game Mod Gameplay)


MotoGP 2021! This is part 5 of my brand NEW MotoGP 2021 Career Mode!

This is the MotoGP 2021 gameplay series where we playthrough the career mode as a real life MotoGP rider. For the first season of MotoGP 2021 career mode we try to win the MotoGP riders championship as Valentino Rossi in 2021 on his new Petronas Yamaha.

In todays episode of the MotoGP 2021 career mode, we race at Assen and Finland!

This MotoGP career mode gameplay is on the PC using the MotoGP 2021 game mod. The 2021 season mod for the MotoGP game adds in the riders and bikes from the 2021 MotoGP championship.

In case you missed it, check out part 1 of the MotoGP 2021 game career mode here:

I hope you enjoy this MotoGP 2021 gameplay from the mod and are looking forward to MotoGP 21 when the game releases later in the year.

Download the mod I use in todays video:

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MotoGP 21 – What I want to see from the MotoGP 2021 Game:

MotoGP 21 – What the community wants to see from the MotoGP 2021 Game:

► Consoles? PC & PS5 gameplay
► Favourite motorsports? MotoGP & F1
► Favourite MotoGP rider? Valentino Rossi



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