Floyd Mayweather’s grandson hits the gym, looks a natural at 3

Floyd Mayweather KJ.jpg
Floyd Mayweather KJ.jpg

Floyd Mayweather’s grandson, Kentrell Gaulden Jr., looks likely to lead the next generation of fighters from the famous boxing family.

KJ, son of NBA YoungBoy and Mayweather’s daughter Iyanna, the little man seems a natural in the gym at just three years old. Floyd posted a video of the pair at the world-renowned Las Vegas gym, showing KJ throwing punches, training, and feeling at home in those surroundings.

With Mayweather’s sons choosing other career paths, Kentrell could be the next in line to the “Money” throne. Mayweather has two male children, Koraun, 24, and Zion, 22, both of who have shown no interest in the sport. Mayweather also has one other son, who he adopted. Devon Cromwell is currently in his late twenties and doesn’t have that family trait.

Mayweather previously admitted that he doesn’t expect his sons to fight as they ‘like to smoke.’ Koraun told USA Today as a teenager, “I find [boxin] boring. It is just like how people sit in the ring and fight for twelve rounds. It gets boring after a while. Sometimes, they run.”

Judging by the videos, KJ does have that streak. This scenario means he could prove to be the next Mayweather superstar if his familiarity with boxing continues.

KJ has the bug early on, giving him the best chance of becoming a viable torchbearer for Mayweather’s boxing legacy.

Mayweather’s late uncle Roger, father Floyd Sr., and another uncle, Jeff Mayweather, all boxed and subsequently became trainers. Floyd has also dabbled in training but found his later niche as a promoter.

The fact Floyd still fights in exhibitions that KJ could watch could also be a factor as the Mayweather genes pass down to another generation.

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