2021/22 Panini Chronicles Soccer Hobby Box Review – Cracked Ice Keeps Coming!


2022 Video #51
I’ve grown to love the Panini Chronicles line and today I do my now “annual” personal chronicles hobby box break! Last years design was fantastic and I wanted to continue my run with this product and it certainly has its pros and cons. The new sets added this year for the most part I really enjoy. Origins, Noir Autos, and Contenders autos are awesome. Updated designs for Chronicles, Panini, and Certified base sets look really nice too (especially in parallels). Sets I’m less fond of would include Flux (a new addition) and Playoff for just being a bland look. QC is a whole other topic too! I in fact submitted a damaged card request to Panini’s customer support for the Depay relic and I’ll keep you guys updated on how that ticket goes. Anyways, I’m just really happy to get a cracked ice, color match, as well as a fairly rare auto (referring to the player, not serial lol). Let me know what you guys think!

Thanks for watching!

Timestamps for your convenience:
0:00 – Intro, Product Info
2:23 – EPL Mini Box
5:57 – La Liga Mini Box
9:22 – Serie A Mini Box
12:12 – Recap

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